Fair Food Fair Brings Sustainability to Foodies

Foodies will unite on April 16th in celebration of Temple’s first Fair Food Fair, sponsored by Net Impact group.

The Fair will feature chefs, markets and merchandisers providing samples of farm-fresh and sustainable foods or goods. Participating members include Fruitstrology, Philadelphia Urban Creators, Farm Truck Philly, Whole Foods Markets and many other local restaurants, urban farms or food trucks. Bananas and peanuts are considered sustainable food sources in the environment“They really press the importance of local farmers and local producers because on grand scales these days, there’s a ton of pollution, there’s a ton of huge companies monopolizing on the industries and this is a way to support the local people,”  said junior and Vice President of Net Impact, Erica Shear.

Shear also explained how important it is to support our local food markets in the community. She even gives us some history about one of Temple’s well-known Food Trucks, “I believe the Sexy Green Truck…actually started….five or six years ago by [Net Impact],” said Shear. The Event is open to the public on Wednesday April 16th from 4-7 p.m.

To find out how you can be apart of the Fair Foods Fair visit sustainability.temple.edu.

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