Temple Relay for Life Raises Big Bucks for Cancer Research

Temple students united at Relay for Life, the cancer awareness event to help fundraise for the American Cancer Society. Combined,Temple’s participating organizations raised nearly $35,000.

1,405 Temple students and community members crowded into Pearson McGonigle Hall Friday April 4th for Relay for Life, an all-night event in support of cancer research. Students fundraised for months before the event with bake sales, can shakes and donations to raise the money needed to participate. The nationally recognized program not only raises money for cancer research, but helps to connect cancer survivors to the community. The grand total was $34,835.11.

Relay for Life cups and t-shirts for those supporting the causeLaurie Ronan, Phi Sigma Sigma sister and a two time cancer, survivor shared her story with 87 of the participating teams this past Friday.

“I’m a two time cancer survivor of neuroblastoma and osteosarcoma. It definitely is eye-opening to see as I grow up how much cancer has touched so many people and in different ways whether it be a family member or a friend, you know I do feel you know strong that I was given like a second chance at life,” said Laurie Ronan.

Elly Perlowitz, team recruitment leader was moved by the event’s goals when her mother battled cancer ten years ago. She has participated in Relay for Life in the past since learning of its significance in the cancer community.

“I think I was in fourth or fifth grade when we went [to Relay for Life] and I didn’t really understand it or grasp the concept very much at all, but I never stopped. I remember getting in the car right after and being like we need to do that at home like right now and we signed up and I got all of my friends involved,” said Perlowitz.

Perlowitz’s mother, Holly, a survivor, joined her daughter at the event last Friday.

“I’m always so inspired at the youth [who’re] doing this because you know they could be out on a Friday night doing a lot of other things, but they’re here doing this and I just think it’s really awesome that you know people in your age [understand the magnitude of this event],” said Holly Perlowitz.

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