Fetterman Rally at Temple University

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman paid a visit to Temple on Saturday alongside state representative Malcolm Kenyatta and several others. the rally was held at the Howard Gittis Student Center to encourage young people and north Philadelphia residents to vote.

Fetterman and his allies spoke on key issues surrounding the election, namely inflation and reproductive rights. if elected, Fetterman has promised to work to stop price gouging, make healthcare more accessible, and allow access to abortion. Fetterman also claimed his opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz is trying to buy his way to the senate and is disconnected from the Pennsylvania working class.

“You can’t fight inflation if you don’t understand how it’s affecting working families, Oz doesn’t get it he doesn’t even understand the price of groceries,” said Fetterman

With the senatorial race narrowing ahead of election day, Fetterman’s victory hinges on him winning big in Philadelphia. experts predict he will need at least 85% of the city’s votes to win.

The rally comes just a week before Donald Trump plans to campaign with Dr. Oz in Latrobe Pennsylvania on November 5th. on the same day, president Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be in Philadelphia to support Fetterman’s campaign.

For more information on John Fetterman’s campaign, click here.

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