Phillies Gear Sales Spike

Just 24 hours after securing a spot in the World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies have broken a merchandise sales record.

With fans clearing out stores across the city, Temple Update spoke to customers and managers about how they are gearing up to support the Phillies’.

As excitement builds around the city, the high demand for Phillies apparel has increased sales in the Philadelphia region.

“I am super excited, I have a lot of hats already, but I am looking to expand the outfit and go with a shirt or something,” explains Fred Kogan of Philadelphia.

Other fans are also taking advantage of this increase in merch to share their enthusiasm with others.

“I am very excited; I am buying merch for my whole family, who don’t live in Philadelphia,” says Kelsey Bates, a Philadelphia resident.

While some’s fans are excited to buy appeal, others, like Andrew Anthias, are simply looking to update their wardrobe.

“I also look into my dresser, my closest, and I was like, all of my Phillies stuff is like from 2008 and a couple years prior, so it’s time to get some new fresh stuff, a new hat, shirt or something.”

After the big win, Brian Michael, owner of Shibe Vintage Sports, says he is dealing with an increase in consumer demand.

“Every night, we have dozens of hundreds of orders coming in, so we’re in earlier getting them out, working with the post office to get them out and ups as quick as possible so people can get them in time for the game.”

Some customers say that purchasing Phillies gear is so much more than just shopping; it’s about community.

“The way they traveled to this win makes you want to have more and more gear and really be like showing them colors and people walk down the street and go and wear the hat and go Phills, and I love that, I love that experience,” says Kogan.

As the World Series games approach, Shibe Vintage Sports tells Temple Update that the store is going to put out new merchandise in the following weeks.

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