Financial Planning Series Aims to Help Students

Temple University is working to help its students navigate the financial end of their education by creating a web series of articles that focus on aspects of financial planning for college, from FAFSA completion to filling out applications for scholarships and grants.

The web series, called Owl About the Money, was recently released online with the student body in mind. Brandon Lausch, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Temple, said that the series was a collaboration between the Strategic Marketing team and several other offices at the university.

“The foundation for this [Owl about the Money] is that Temple is built on a mission of accessibility and affordability,” said Lausch. “As part of that we want to ensure that our students are as financially literate as possible.”

The first article in the series is called Five things to know about the FAFSA and outlines steps that students can take to ensure that they fill out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, correctly and increase their chances of receiving some form of financial aid. The second article in the series focuses on scholarships, providing students with seven tips to find and apply for scholarships that match their background and interests.

Lausch said that Owl About the Money will be promoted through several channels in order to reach the largest amount of students as possible. Although the team will promote the articles using social media platforms such as Twitter, there has also been a large amount of positive feedback from Temple University’s Money Matters board on Pinterest.

“There’s a Pinterest board on the university’s account called Money Matters and that has 700 followers so far,” said Lausch, “That is to us a demonstration of the appetite for this type of material, and we’re just trying to serve students and meet them where they are.”

The series is expected to continue throughout the semester on weekly basis and cover a range of topics pertaining to financial aid at Temple.

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