First Lady Visits LaSalle University, Stresses the Importance of Voting

Michelle Obama took the stage at LaSalle University Wednesday morning, greeting a cheering crowd of a thousands that came out to see the First Lady discuss this upcoming election, and how she plans to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Obama pumping the crowd up at Lasalle University to get out and vote.
Mrs. Obama pumping the crowd up at LaSalle University to get out and vote.

Although Michelle’s main goal of the speech was to get the crowd excited and eager to support Clinton, she managed to talk about a topic of discussion that needs to be said at this very moment in time; the importance of voting. No matter what, even if you vote third party, you still make a point. “Elections aren’t just about who votes, but who doesn’t,” said Mrs. Obama.

Since Temple University resides in a swing state, which means no political party dominates, it makes it more significant when you cast that vote on November 8th.

“It’s not about voting for the perfect candidate; there is no such person. In this election, it’s about making a choice between two very candidates with two very different visions for our nation,” said the First Lady.

If you have not yet registered to vote, the deadline to register in Pennsylvania is October 11th. On Temple’s campus, it so easy to register, there are volunteers gladly registering those who are not on all parts of the campus everyday. You fill out some paperwork, and you are set! If you wish to register online, visit

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