“Fishy” Business at Tsukiji Fish Market

Temple student Adam Glazer is reporting this semester from Tokyo, Japan. His third report is on his visit to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

If you are in the fish dealing business in Japan, most likely your days begin between five and six a.m. at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, one of the busiest in the world, where buyers and sellers meet daily for the Tsukiji fish market auctions.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tourists are allowed into small sections of the market during the early busy hours, but most photography is prohibited as well as large bags. If you do visit in the early morning, be aware as the activity is non-stop and few workers slow down for tourists. The market opens at nine a.m. to the general public, and will move about 2,000 tons of fish a day.

The market itself, as well as many smaller fish markets in surrounding neighborhoods, sell a variety of products.  One can find all manner of edible sea creatures in vast quantities, with the Bluefin Tuna in highest demand. The Tsukiji market is known for its Bluefin Tuna, which by nine a.m., the catches are nearly sold out at market prices of tens of thousands of dollars. The sale of tuna has become a point of controversy for some, as the species is endangered.

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