Flight Returns with Fixed Routes

Temple Flight shuttles are back with a revamped system in an attempt to make the service faster and easier. The shuttle has over forty stops on and off campus in an effort to ensure Temple owls have an accessible way to commute at night.

Previously, Flight functioned like a rideshare service, giving students the ability to order a Flight to their location through their phone. Many students expressed dissatisfaction over long wait times and busses simply ignoring them through this method. Last semester, Temple Update reported on the troublesome Flight system and spoke with many dissatisfied students.

Now, thanks to proposals from students at the School of Engineering, Flight is a fixed-route service. It runs from 6pm to 2am, seven days a week. It also uses two different loops that cover the north and southside of campus. The intention of this new system was to give students a reliable and safe way to travel.

“I know in the past I’ve waited an unforgivable amount of time for Flight but I’m glad they’ve really gotten their system down and now it’s an acceptable way to get around,“ said Ryan, a junior at Temple, on the new Flight system.

“And so when you have this fixed-route system you have an order to which everything goes and it’s just amazing,” said Sam, a sophomore.

Response to the flight changes have been generally positive. If you have any questions or concerns about Flight shuttles you can call Facilities Management at 215-204-7377. Additionally, you can visit this website for more information.

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