Have Fun and Stay Safe: Masks are Optional for the Fall Semester

by: Frank Collins

It’s been over two years since the world first shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools across the nation closed and transitioned to online learning, without any guess as to how long it would last. Ever since, colleges have slowly but surely been finding their way back to normal. Temple University is almost there, as COVID-19 guidelines have changed for the Fall of 2022.

New Mask Guidelines Announced

On August 8th, 2022, the Temple community received an email detailing new COVID-19 guidelines for the fall semester. Mark Denys, director of Student Health Services, explained how the campus is going to look.

Denys said, “beginning with the fall semester, masks will continue to be required in healthcare spaces, clinical spaces, and in settings where clinical spaces are incorporated within the learning environment. Masks are now optional in all other indoor and outdoor, non-healthcare spaces.”

Unless you’re visiting places like the health center, you no longer have to worry about remembering your mask. Students and faculty are still encouraged to wear masks despite them no longer being required.

“When it comes to masking, we encourage all members of the Temple community to make the best decision for themselves, taking into consideration all factors, including COVID-19 transmission levels,” said Denys. “Most importantly, we want to keep the vulnerable members of our community safe. We encourage everyone to continue to carry a mask and be willing to wear one if asked.”

Make the decision that’s best for you. Bring a mask with you just in case and be sure to wear one when you aren’t feeling well.

Student’s React to New Guidelines

Students at Temple University are enjoying being social again, without the stress of getting sick from social interactions. With the semester underway, some students wanted to share their thoughts on the new COVID-19 guidelines.

Temple sophomore, Zelda Ackerman, said “I think it’s great that students have the option to be able to take the precautions they need, and wear them when they need to.” In addition, some students don’t mind the potential of masks being required again as the semester progresses.

Temple sophomore, Brooke Bales, said “I’ll be bummed, but there are so many worse things in this world than wearing a mask.” Temple freshman, Deja Armstrong, had a similar opinion. “If it happens, then it happens,” said Deja, “what are we going to do?”

Among the students who were interviewed, all of them were on board with the new guidelines.

Stay Responsible

Masks are now optional but continue to make the best decisions for your safety. Carry a mask just in case, and respect those who continue to wear masks regularly.

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