Another Kind of Flyers Powerplay

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Powerplay and Flyers Community members gathered at Neumann University for this years annual power hockey game.

The Philadelphia Powerplay, a Philadelphia-based Power Hockey organization and an official partner of the Philadelphia Flyers, encourages and sponsors local events for those with physical disabilities .

The Powerplay hosted its first North American Power Hockey Association World Championship Trophy just last year.

Power Hockey is a form of hockey for individuals who are power wheelchairs users.

Iconic names from the Philadelphia Flyers were in attendance for the game, including former players, Flyers National Anthem singer Lauren Hart, public address announcer Lou Nolan and Gritty making an appearance.

The hour-long game was a nail-biter for fans in attendance, with Jake Saxton scoring 10 of the 14 goals for the Powerplay. The final score ended in a tie at 14.

Following the final buzzer, handshakes were exchanged between the teams and the Flyers Community presented a $5,000 donation to the Powerplay organization.

“I think the goal for today was to get everyone involved,” captain Liam Miller told Temple Update. “We have a big league, and a big team. But at the same time, we want to keep it competitive. So there is a lot of line changing, and some strategy involved but I think we had a good game, and it was enjoyable.”

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