Football Facility Adds Solar Panels to Roof

The Edberg Olson football complex is under going a new look with the installation of solar panels on the roof.  This is Temple’s latest effort in their continuing initiative for more sustainability and renewable energy on campus.

Temple University teamed up with community energy incorporation and has agreed to begin a solar panel project on the roof of Edberg Olson hall on 10th and diamond streets starting this week.

“Temple’s been talking to a bunch of companies about it for a long time,” Marketing Manager Amy Failing said. “It kind of came back up in the last year and we ended up winning the project which was awesome. like i said, we financed a lot of the capital with residential, local customers and then Temple stepped up as the leader to host the project.”

Local residents switched their electric bills over to green energy. once this happened CEI is able to develop solar projects locally.  This 63-kilowatt solar system is the latest effort in the universities efforts to add more renewable energy to campus.

“Its really getting done without state incentives”, CEI spokesperson Joel Thomas said. “It’s exciting that solar has reached a point where you you can get it done just based on voluntary demand and i think that sends a strong signal from temple as a clean energy leader.”

“I think Temple, being the state school in philadelphia sometimes gets a little bit of a bad rep from other schools that maybe a little more prestige so it’s cool to see that Temple is distinguishing themselves with a commitment to renewables,” Temple Junior Blake Larson said.

When this project is completed in early December on this roof, it will the largest solar panel project of any kind for a Philadelphia college or university.

“The biggest thing obviously is that they will be generating some electricity through solar power which is huge for our local environment and local air quality especially in philadelphia, it’s a city,” Failing said.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the process of the solar panels on Edberg Olson hall.

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