Fox School of Business Continually Climbs the Ranks

The Fox Business School is continuously climbing higher in rankings. Most of its programs are globally and domestically among the top 20 to 50.

The Fox School of Business prides itself in preparing business leaders and professionals of the future.  It has received impressive rankings from leading business publications and organizations like U.S. News, The Economist and Business Week. The school is ranked 5th in the nation in risk management, 11th in international business, 14th in management information systems and is highly ranked in numerous other programs.

Vice Dean Rajan Chandran is proud of the school’s continuous high rankings.

“So all rankings are composed of three brackets,” says Vice Dean Chandran. “The input factors, the process factors and the output factors. So, input, process, output, in the Fox School, what we have done is we have concentrated on all those three areas,”

Fox students are pleased with the high ranked programs at the business school and feel confident they will have a bright and secure future.

Bart Stachurski is a business student at Fox and is proud of the school’s high rankings.

“That’s actually one of my favorite things I know I’m going to graduate and get a job,” says Stachurski. “I actually just got an offer the other day which is really cool.”

Will Stouffer is a Masters student at Fox and says, “I feel good knowing that when a particular company knows that I’m from Fox, they have a certain expectation on how I conduct myself and they know that I’m getting a really good quality education here so it really helps a lot.”

Fox focuses on developing their students for the professional world, the Center for Student Professional Development plays an important role in the rankings game by molding students as young professionals with increased chances of getting a job.

Ezeukwu Nwanganga is an undergraduate student at the Fox School of Business and chose Fox after seeing its high rankings.

“I’m very happy with my choice because I know about CSPD,” says Nwanganga. “I know for a fact that they do everything in their power for you to be empowered for the future, for you to get a job, even for you to be in the real world so I’m very satisfied with my choice.”

“I really like the fact that Fox gives you a lot of  tools to get a job, it has the CSPD program which is fantastic they really give you a lot of information and a lot of tools to get a job,” says business student Maria Villamar.

Vice Dean Chandran says there is no secret to getting high rankings – in fact all schools are doing what Temple does, so competition is high.

“That’s the key, it’s these three brackets, get good students, prepare them well both in terms of teaching and having a cutting edge program and work hard in placing them and that’s the magic bullet that we use in every program, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in risk or international business or any other program that’s the key to success  and we work hard at it.”

With such high rankings and a hands-on program, Fox students can graduate with the world at their fingertips.

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