Bursar’s Office now accepts VISA

The Bursar Office at Temple University is located in Carnell Hall. The office is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm for students to come and pay their tuition in cash, but if students would like to pay by credit card, that is available online.

Temple University, along with many other colleges and universities did not accept Visa as a form of payment, until this semester made some developments. The Assistant Vice President of the Bursar’s Office, David Glezerman, said,

“This has changed all across higher education so a lot of colleges and universities had opted not to allow Visa use,” said Assistant Vice President of the Bursar’s Office, David Glezerman. “Then with the rule change, most everybody is coming back and allowing Visa.”

The burden of not having VISA was affecting students and their families throughout the years, but now students can use the new option to their advantage.

“The fact that I can now use Visa makes my life and my parent’s life a whole lot easier,” said senior Alonna White. “I did use e-checking online, which I had to hook up my routing number and my checking account information, but now I can just plug in my card and boom the transaction is paid for.”

Also, students who commute to campus found the disadvantages to not accepting VISA payments online would cause the long travel to campus.

“I think it’s a really great idea because now I can go online and pay with my credit card,” said commuter and junior Becca Ryan. “Instead of paying with cash and having to come all the way down here and I don’t live around here, so it’s a lot better now.”

To access the new menu option that allow students to pay with VISA, you must being able to sign into your TUportal then clicking on the link to TUpay on the far right. Once you are in TUpay, the drop-down bar is located right next to the other accepted credit cards.

For more information about tuition rates and fees, go to the Bursar’s Office located at:

1803 North Broad Street
115 Carnell Hall (040-13)
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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