Fox Students Make Their Case

Temple's Annual Business Case Competition

The International Business Case Competition was held in the Fox School of Business on Temple’s campus. 

The competitors had to come up with a business case with the scenario they were given. They then had to present it in front of different judges, consultants from the Philadelphia area, and executives.

The competitors also only had 24 to 40 hours to be able to come up with a fascinating case. 

If you are an undergraduate or already a graduate, you can join and experience this competition. Nandini Balasubramanian, who is a Fox master’s student, encouraged students to come and be part of the event.

“Because apart from what we study in our course, I mean it’s like, these kind of competitions which make us learn more which pushes us beyond our boundaries and comfort level,” said Balasubramanian.

This competition is a great way to showcase your ideas and be able to learn more and also have fun doing it. 

The International Business Case Competition is an annual event so don’t forget to check it out once it comes back next year. 

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