Weigh the Waste with TU Sustainability

Temple University's Sustainability club weighs food waste at Morgan Dining Hall.

TU Sustainability has spent this week weighing food waste at Morgan Dining Hall as apart of their Weigh the Waste project.

The Temple University organization has made the goal of the project to raise awareness about how to lessen the disposal of food waste.

“We’ve really been teaching folks the right way to do it and keep our streams uncontaminated and make good use of the delicious food waste and reduce our total waste impact.” says Caroline Burkholder.

Caroline goes on to explain their disposal process of food waste and its benefits.

“After the waste bin, we have what’s called an anaerobic biodigester, a bunch of microbes that break down the food product.”

Student’s dining at Morgan Hall gave feedback about the new initiative.

One student went on to say, “I felt embarrassed like seeing how much food I wasted when they were weighing it taught me I need to get less.

TU Sustainability’s organization new initiative will continue through to the end of the week with the focus of educating more of Temple University’s community.

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