Fruitstrology Asks “What Fruit Are You?”

With Temple University’s Fox School of Business ranked ninth in the nation, the Stanton sisters took advantage of their Fox education to start their own business, Fruitstrology.

Stanton sisters show off their productRachel and Sarah Stanton, seniors in Temple’s Fox School of Business, launched their social clothing line this past September. Fruitstrology allows its customers to relate to a fruit and its corresponding personality trait while donating to Philabundance’s Kids Bites program. Each Kids Bites lunch includes fresh fruit, which ties in the Stanton sister’s clothing line.

“So the Kids Bites Program provides lunches to…kids. And the lunch has fresh fruit in it. So that’s, we cover that portion” said Sarah and Rachel Stanton of the Kids Bites program.

The Stanton sisters designed a line of colorful t-shirts, tank tops, pants and bags that are each accentuated with an original, fruity design.

“We wanted the designs to look real. We wanted to look like a real fruit on a shirt,” said Sarah Stanton.

The t-shirts, however, go way beyond the time of purchase. Your fruit and personality trait is a constant interaction with different social platforms.

“…Once you buy them you can kind of keep up on them. Each shirt has its own hashtag and you can go online and you can look up, you know, Independent Pineapple and you can see people’s Instagram pictures or Twitter handles about the, the pineapple. And you can kind of find other people who you relate to. Uh, so we think that’s really cool,” said Rachel Stanton.

If you want to find out what you are, you can visit their website at


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