This Spring Brings a “Cherry On Experience”

As the weather warms up, Temple’s annual Spring Fling event gets the cold shoulder. The event was removed from Temple’s calendar this year after President Neil Theobold and other University figures discovered that students were using the event as an excuse to skip classes and party. Since then, the University has scheduled an alternate, more controlled, event to take its place.

“I’m not that surprised [that Spring Fling was cancelled],” said sophomore Dane Esquirrel, “But I can see why some people are [surprised] and why some people are really disappointed.”

Students spend time with friends during spring eventsFollowing months of planning, Temple’s first “Cherry on Experience” will take place on Geasey Field to satisfy all students looking to celebrate the season. Geasey Field, commonly used for outdoor track, will be redesigned to accommodate a number of attractions. The Experience will occur on April 12th from 4-8 p.m. at Geasey Field. Scheduled activities include laser tag, an outdoor food festival hosted by the Philadelphia Food Trust, and a movie that will take place on the track.

Director of Student Activities, Chris Carey shared some what could become a campus tradition. “The goals are for students to have an opportunity to enjoy themselves. We want to give students a chance to just enjoy the friends that they’ve made throughout the year. Or, maybe if they’re returning students or second or third year they can just hang out with their friends and enjoy a fun time outside, engage in different programs and hang out together and enjoy a Saturday.”


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