Geno’s Steaks welcomes “Whizzy”


For the third consecutive year, a Philadelphia icon is adding another new mascot to its family. 

Geno’s Steaks revealed on Monday a brand new, wide-eyed, 6-foot tall cheesesteak mascot appropriately named “Whizzy”. 

The process started a year ago when current owner Geno Vento wanted to do something vastly different that no other cheesesteak place in Philadelphia has done before. 

“With all the charity work we do throughout the city, why not make it even more friendly and fun and to have a cheesesteak walking around taking pictures with kids… It’s amazing to be apart of this”. 

The design of “Whizzy” came from a costume company in Canada. From concept to reality, the costume took eight months to create – and getting the shape right was key to the character. 

“We went from a Twinkie to a peanut, and then what you see now is a cheesesteak. He has the onions, the whiz, and the meat coming out of the sides. He also has the roll crests in the back and airbrushed some detail – it’s a unique piece.” 

Vento has put ‘Whizzy’ to work right away – participating in multiple television appearances on his debut day and will have a week of a ‘Welcome Tour’ – including stopping at landmarks around Philadelphia.

Vento expressed excitement about the potential for the new mascot, and where “Whizzy” will be utilized. 

“Doing some charity work, appearances… parties, doing things throughout the city,” Vento explained. “But it’s really about the kids.” 

Vento is confident that the mascot will fit right in within a city that cherishes its mascots very passionately. 


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