Get Your Groove on for Temple’s Tashan

logoTemple University’s South Asian Students Society (SASS) will be hosting its second Tashan dance competition on Saturday, October 22nd at 6pm at the Temple Performing Arts Center (TPAC).

Like many students, I was intrigued by this event, but wanted to know more. I reached out to Temple’s South Asian Students Society to learn a bit more about this exciting competition.


What is the event (for students that do not know)?

Tashan is a dance competition that we, SASS, have started to hold since last year. It is mainly centered around South Asian dance.Twelve teams, in total, decide to compete with six of the teams being Bhangra teams,which perform traditional indian dances and six fusion dances which perform a variation of dances.

What will students/audience members expect from attending the event?

Audiences that attend will see twelve teams from across different college campuses in America competing in their respective type of dance. It is a cool event for anyone interested in dance, South Asian culture, or just new experiences

What charity do the proceeds go to?

The charity we have chosen this year is FIMRC, a club on campus that is part of a larger organization which tends to health clinics around the world. Any money we make off of the event and the after party goes to this organization to maintain their clinics


How are Temple students involved?

Temple students are involved by either being on the board organizing this large event, acting as guides for the teams that compete who are new to the Temple area, or working backstage for the competition.
Students can purchase tickets from the Tashan competition website or in person at the Student Center. Tickets are $10 for Temple students with an ID.

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