Robberies Spike Off Campus

Temple junior Emily Schroder is on edge after her apartment was broken into twice in the past two weeks.

Her home is just one of the thirteen between Cecil B Moore and Master street that have been broken into and robbed in the last three weeks.

The wave of break ins is forcing her to take extra precautions.

“Make sure all the windows and stuff are locked when we leave, make sure all the security alarms are set before we leave.” Shroder says she does every time she steps outside now.

Deputy chief of temple police Denise Wilhelm says the spike in crime in unusual for the area.

“Residential burglaries aren’t common, but they do occur. those back alleys are desolate they’re a pretty easy target.”

The break ins aren’t contained to just one block. Wilhelm says the entire area is being affected.

“We have seen an increase in our far western- 18th street, gratz street down on master street,” Wilhelm says

TUPD is working with Philadelphia Police to increase their presence in the area to prevent more burglaries.

“Plain clothes officers are out there, not just us but Philadelphia. we’re adding various resources out there, walking back alleyways and things of that nature.”

For the crimes committed on Schroder’s block, there is one primary suspect. For now, law enforcement urges all residents in the nearby area take extra precautions, lock all doors and windows and report any suspicious activity. We will keep you updated on the current investigation.





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