Anderson and Gladfelter Construction

The sights and sounds of campus construction continue, creating a new commute to class for some Temple students. 

It’s all part of a yearlong project to improve Anderson and Gladfelter halls. The main entrances to both buildings are currently closed off on Pollett walk with signs in place to direct students and faculty to the temporary entryways. 

Sophomore Megan Almeida says that “with the detours and everything it takes a little getting used to but now that a week has gone by I think I like making my way around and getting to class on time.”

The College of Liberal Arts is expected to have a whole new look by the fall of 2020. What’s now blocked off with construction will soon be a cherry and white staircase leading up to the terrace level, equipped an open grass area connecting the two buildings. 

Those going in and out of Gladfelter can go through one of two options at the Science Education and Research Center. But we spoke to students taking the detour, and they say it’s not all that easy. 

“Now I gotta walk all the way around and wait like an extra minute or two and then wait for the elevators to come down to the lower floors. That’s a lot,” says sophomore Ade Adenekan

Although these new routes might be throwing students off, they say they’re willing to make it work. 

“I’m okay with walking around because I still have to go to class essentially,” says Ade.

Logan admits that “there’s honestly not another alternative so you just have to like suck it up until they’re done.”

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