Goat Temple Pride?


Temple’s Main Campus Program board hosted Goat Yoga to start off their Homecoming Week events. Students stressed over midterms and fluctuating weather patterns were greeted with baby bleats Monday on Beury Beach!

SNUGGLE SESH: The goats snuggled with students before starting a yoga class to kick off Homecoming week.

The yoga class took place by the Bell Tower where a fenced off area held the baby goats and student yogi’s. Dozens of students circled around the penned up quarters between their classes to get a glance at the goats.

All goats in the pen were up for adoption through Horse and Goat Yoga. Students got the chance to snuggle with the goats as they waited for the class to begin.

These events also coincided with the Main Campus Program Board’s “Walk for Hunger” where students walked to benefit those struggling with food scarcity. They also took donations for the Cherry Pantry in exchange for a homecoming t-shirt. Other events will take place near the Bell Tower throughout the week.

It is safe to say many students believe this event is the “greatest of all time.”


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