Cannabis Opportunities Conference

The 2nd annual Cannabis Opportunities Conference was held September 27th and 28th, explaining to all willing participants what is needed in order to make it in this  legal marijuana industry.

This conference was meant for people who have not only been incarcerated for non-violent crimes, but for entrepreneurs who are looking for a field that has not been truly fleshed out by rules and regulations of the government.

With more research developing on the effects of cannabis, businesses are popping up to take advantage of the fruits of weed research.

Marlon MacAllister, a member of the Institute for Community Justice, was there to go more in-depth on the options people have to reintegrate into society from past drug charges.

MacAllister told Temple Update that the Institute was created in order to help “people in their families who have been arrested, with reentry into society.”

Todd Eachus, advocate for Hemp Health Labs and a past member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, says: “You can go to a local store and you can get a label in a store. The problem is that FDA has no compliance for those products yet. So when you buy it at a store, you don’t know where the source of it is coming from.”


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