Good Neighbor Initiative

As the semester progresses, administration is continuing to further the progress of creating new student policies, one of these policies is the Good Neighbor Initiative.

Being a Temple student is often described as a unique college experience. Part of going to school in the city includes adapting to the trials and tribulations of co-existing with urban neighbors.

Student body president Darin Bartholomew says that the good neighbor initiative is about informing students about the community and how to be a good neighbor. It includes everything from what day to put out your trash, what to do if you’re having a party, the different noise ordinances, and even things like the history of the community, how to reach out to local leaders in the community, just everything you need to know to be a good neighbor.

The official goal of the policy as stated on the university website is to maintain a safe, clean, and respectable environment for Temple students and their neighbors.

“The Good Neighbor Initiative kind of came from the good neighbor policy which came from a task force that former president Ann Weaver Hart created to just figure out what’s needed in the community to better our relationship,” Bartholomew added.

We took to campus to find out what Temple students think about the schools effort to boost the relationship with the locals.

Freshman Katie Gerard said that shewould really appreciate it if they made it better because you know there’s a lot of like tension around between the students and the people who live here, I’d like to understand them better.”

Another student, sophomore Theodore Gaston added that he thinks it would be important to implement a good relationship between the locals and the students.

But one student, sophomore Brandi Harden did not agree.

“Honestly I think it’s B.S. because as much as they think they are going to control these things, stuff is still going to happen.”

Freshman Aaron Black said, “I think the locals get a bad rep around here which isn’t really fair, its kind of stereotypical, just with the neighborhood we live in here. But I think if we get more involved with the local people maybe it will become more friendly.

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