Government Feels Aftershock Following Shutdown

The federal government is currently feeling the added pressure of management and budget constraints following the end of the federal shutdown last week.

Though President Trump has temporarily retreated on his demands for a border wall, many in Congress and other government positions are concerned that they will be unable to reach a deal by the February 15th deadline.

According to the congressional budget office, the shutdown cost the federal government roughly 3 billion in losses, a financial impact that could worsen if the government is shut down again by the president following the deadline.

Though the Trump administration has claimed that budget cuts and trade tariffs will stem the damages caused by the shutdown, economists have stated that these sanctions are unlikely to make a major impact.

Trump also told The Wall Street Journal that he is not optimistic that negotiations will result in a deal he’d approve of.

Speaking in an interview to reporters on the chance of making a deal, Trump stated that “I personally think it’s less than 50-50, but you have a lot of very good people on that board”

White House officials have also stated that Trump himself is certainly willing and able to shut down the government again if the deadline on the 15th passes with no deal for the border wall and security budget.

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