Ground Up Headlines at Union Transfer

From playing in basements off of North Broad Street to touring overseas, Ground Up has made their way back to Philadelphia. The rap group will be headlining at Union Transfer on Friday, November 14th at 7pm.

The group began making music together when they lived together at Temple University, and, as Rapper Alex Azar says, “the rest is history.” Azar and Malcolm McDowell began making music together six years ago and Bijan Lincs, a childhood friend of Azar’s, began making the beats.

Lincs says, “We kind of just did it for fun because we all like music. We’re all hip hop heads, and I feel like it all kind of carried itself naturally.”

Ground Up played their first show in the basement of their apartment in the Temple area. When they made their first profit, they realized that they could do more with their talents.

Since pursuing their career further, they have been the first and only independent local talent to sell out the TLA, released a music video on E! News, and are now preparing to release their first album in 2015. Their latest single “Let’s Ride” is also aired in the regular rotation on Philly’s WIRED 96.5 and was recently picked up as the Philadelphia Flyers victory song for the 2014-2015 NHL season.

However, despite their increasing success, Azar says the goal remains the same for every show they perform. “We’ve always said it doesn’t matter if there’s twenty people or twenty thousand people in the crowd. We’re gonna give the same amount of energy. Our goal every time we hit the stage is to really make it an unforgettable experience.”

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