Fraternity Shooting Hits a Little Too Close to Home


A Temple student was shot outside a party held Saturday night at the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity house in the 1500 block of North 17th street. According to authorities the shots were fired when the alleged shooter was denied access to the party and a fight ensued.

The 22-year-old undergraduate student was shot once in the hip and thigh before being taken to Hahnemann Hospital for treatment. The University has not identified the student.

Phi Lambda ThetaTemple spokesperson, Brandon Lausch, said that the shooter approached several students outside the party and asked them to walk him into the event though the party was for Temple students and he is not enrolled in the University. When he was denied entry, the conversation grew heated and he lifted up his shirt to reveal a silver handgun.

Witnesses have revealed that the suspect, described as a thin 5’8 black male without facial hair, then attempted to rob the victim. When the victim charged the gunman, he drew his weapon and shots were fired.

The shooting occurred within Temple’s police patrol borders, which, notably, were just extended beyond 18th and Susquehanna. Lausch, speaking on behalf of the University, could not identify the last time that a Temple police officer had patrolled the area on the night of the incident because “there are too many variable.”

Temple made the decision to extend the patrol borders as more students have decided to live in the area just off-campus.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for more details.

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