Handling Stress During Finals Week

Finals week is approaching, and Temple students are getting ready. From December 14th to December 20th every student will be busy with studying and taking exams.

A busy day at the TECH Center

Isaak Griggs, a junior at Temple studying Media Studies and Production, said “I feel more stressed during the finals.” During finals, Griggs prefers to hang out with friends and ends up “doing something that isn’t school work most of the time.”

Paley Library with Temple students studying

Ram Rallapalli, a junior student at Temple studying neuroscience, talking about stress, explained “When I know when the day of the final is, that’s when I tend to start feeling stressed because initially it always feels like it is closer than it actually is.”

When it came to the question about having more stress before or during finals, David Gansen, a senior at Temple studying bioengineering, stated, “Definitely before. During the finals, like after school is done, it is like a vacation. You spend an hour a day refreshing yourself, but not really stressed at all. I have a bunch of time then and just take the finals.”

During the study days, December 12th and December 13th, and during finals, there are certain places that Temple students prefer for their studying. The TECH Center and Samuel L. Paley Library are the places most students choose.

David Gansen suggested, “The sky lounge at the View at Montgomery.”

For Temple students who have a problem with stress and anxiety and need help, The Tuttleman Counseling Services is available at 215-204-7276.

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