TSG Transfer Student Discussion

On Tuesday afternoon, Temple Student Government held a town hall meeting to hear from transfer students and how the University could improve their college experience.

Razin Karu, Transfer Representative, spoke about his experiences as a transfer student. He felt that joining Temple Student Government helped him make connections and made him feel more a part of the Temple community.

Karu wants to work with administration to include transfer students in freshman orientation activities. He believes that this will make students more comfortable in a new environment on the first day of class.

Karu says, “It helps them not just academically, but also to make friends and settling them down over here.”

Katie Hullihen transferred from North Hampton Community College in her junior year. She found it difficult to connect with other students around campus and within her major. She thinks it’s imperative that transfer students also have an orientation similar to freshman orientation with the overnight stay.

Hullihen believes, “They should have like something more where transfer students of the same major meet up every week, kind of like a club.”

Karu would like to gather student thoughts and opinions on how the University can better accommodate their college experience. He would like to get opinions from not only transfer students, but also commuter and international students. He believes that there is a lot of commonalties between the three. He realizes that it will be harder to work around commuters’ schedules since they have more commitments. He at least wants them to know that their opinions are valid and encourage students to contact him with any questions or suggestions.

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