Homecoming Week 2013

Homecoming is a time for current and former Owls to come together as a community.

Temple alumni are especially excited to visit friends and the school they attended. Tomas Varela says, “Coming back to homecoming, being able to connect with alumni that I grew up with here at Temple is important.”

Richelle Stephens class of 1996 thinks that this will help out future generation of Owls, “It’s grown and I think it’s amazing how each school has a tent… I think it’s a really good vibe for future generations.”

Temple student body president, Darin Bartholomew thinks that alumni coming back is very important in the growth of temple. “You know when our alumni come back on campus, they love what they’re are seeing, all the changes, it’s just results into a great weekend for everyone.”

Homecoming was a time for everyone to get together and enjoy temple and the growth that the university has undergone in such a short period of time.

Kevin Negandhi, Class of 1997 and ESPN sports anchor says that it is very exciting to come back to Temple because he gets to see a new building being built every time.

Temple alumni are a very proud group that supports Temple and loves all the positive changes happening with Temple University’s campus and as a whole university worldwide.

Someone that is new to Temple’s homecoming week is the school of media and communication’s new dean, David Boardman says that he feels so energized with the atmosphere at temple and loves talking to the students. Boardman who came from the Seattle Times was at the alumni tailgate grilling burgers and hot dogs for students and alumni.

However, no homecoming would be complete without football. The Temple Owls beat the Army Black Knights to secure their first win of the season and the first win for Coach Matt Rhule as head coach. All of that adds to a pretty great end to an already pretty great week for Temple University and its alumni.

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