Brooklyn Meets Philadelphia at the Piazza

Looking for fresh air and a new way to shop? Then the Brooklyn Flea market at the Piazza, in Northern Liberties, is just the place for you. The Brooklyn Flea market meets Philadelphia as a new location for a market outside of New York.

“Brooklyn Flea Philly started June 2nd. The idea is that this is a market that happens up in New York. There are two flea markets and two food markets in New York and this year they decided to expand,” says Mark Velve, the Philadelphia Market Manager for the Brooklyn Flea Market.

The market includes anything from antique furniture and vintage clothing to modern jewelry and art. Local vendors and shop owners set up side by side stands and tried selling their merchandise the old fashion way.

“So we’ll sell a lot of industrial furniture and vintage clothing. We also just did a buying tour in the South West, so you know, skulls, horns and old church windows,” says PJ Folk, the co-owner of Scout Salvage.

Megan McKee is also a vendor and traveled quite a bit to be a part of the market.“I’m from the Terrain at Stayers, it’s a garden center and home décor store. We’re located in Glen Mills Pennsylvania,” says McKee.

Philadelphians didn’t seem to leave the market empty handed as most shoppers left with full hands and happy faces. “I got a nice little chalk board set with a stand from Peg and Awe,” says Ashley Moran, a local shopper.

Moran was just one of many thrilled shoppers at the Brooklyn Flea Market. “At the Piazza there’s always something going on and I was even able to get a great deal today, on a used book, The Great Anarchist, so I’m really happy about that too,” says Troy Stuart.

The last Brooklyn Flea Market will be next Sunday, October 27th, at the Piazza starting at 10 a.m.

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