Honeygrow Founder Credits His Temple Roots

Founded in 2012, Honeygrow is one of a kind in terms of its food selection, offering healthy stir-fry and salad options on a budget.

Although the eatery got its start in Philadelphia and is continuing to expand throughout the east coast, few people realize that it has roots right here at Temple University.

Honeygrow’s founder, Justin Rosenberg, is a Temple alum who graduated from Temple’s Fox School of Business. Rosenberg says it was here where he began to plan what would become a very successful “fine-dining” business.

“It took me about two years to get funded, but ultimately the business plan was very helpful because if you don’t have the data to back it up and the research to back it up nobody’s going to put a dollar into you,” Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg continues to hire fellow Temple alumni to work alongside him at the company, declaring that there is something about Temple students in particular that catches his attention.

“I think for me if people went to Temple University and understand the concept and appreciate our roots and our background, which are extraordinarily humble. That to me is a total competitive advantage,” said Rosenberg.

Honeygrow has recently opened its new location on Temple University’s campus this fall, demonstrating that Temple owls never fly too far from the nest.

Find more information about Honeygrow and it’s newest location at Temple below:




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