Hoops for Hope

Hoops for Hope is a basketball league in Philadelphia that brings together homeless shelters to compete against on another.

The league is a Grass Roots community organization that relies solely on private funding.

Founder Victoria Urban restarted the league last month. She works with individuals experiencing homelessness and combatting some sort of addiction.

She clarifies the reality of the men, “It’s unfortunate that people stigmatize the homeless population and think…they’re  all this or they’re all that-or that they’re in their position because of something they did…And that’s not the case. I’ve worked in this field for seven plus years now and everybody has a story. And just because they are living in a homeless shelter at this time doesn’t mean they’re any different from you or I in the grand scheme of things.”

At the end of the game, both teams received clothing and toiletries.


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