Temple Celebrates Transfers

It’s National Transfer Week and Temple has been holding some helpful events so its new owls can feel welcomed as they fly through the fall semester.


“Here at Temple, we are really trying to push it because of our new program with the ambassadors,” said Transfer Ambassador Katie Revie. “We do tabling events where you can get new Temple swag, we have different panels to help with career services”


On Monday, Temple Ambassadors lead the first of this Transfer Week’s events at the Howard Gittis Student Center. Transfer students were encouraged to visit the table, grab some swag, and share their stories.


“I feel like it took me a while, but I have found a really great community of people who understand me and those are mostly transfer students,” said Rebecca Macey, a junior Media Studies and Production major.


But transfer week isn’t only about social events. On Tuesday, Faculty members from the career center shared various ways transfer students can search for jobs and internships.


“I know it’s often a concern that’s on the mind of transfer students when they come here,” said Associate Director of Career Development Laura Craig. “We meet with transfer students at orientation and we consistently get feedback that they find our presentation valuable. So, once they’re here on campus, we really like to continue to be engaged and transfer week is a great opportunity to do that.”


If you missed out on Monday and Tuesday’s events and still want to participate in transfer week, don’t worry. There are celebrations of transfer students until Friday, including a late-night breakfast. 


To celebrate National Transfer Week, Temple is holding events just like this here at Morgan Hall South so that new owls can feel comfortable and welcome in their transition.

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