HootaThon: Bringing Temple Together

13603595_1053893521367092_8965335638877861351_oYesterday, they ran across the Lincoln Financial Field for the Cancer Awareness Football game. But any other day, HootaThoner’s are raising money and awareness of their organization, putting all of their passion and spare time into bettering the lives of kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

HootaThon benefits the Child Life Department at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Throug
h a Miracle Network Dance Marathon, students dance for twelve hours to raise awareness and money for the children at CHOP; it’s to help keep the joys and adventure of childhood for the children in the hospital.

“To me, our main goal is to unite Temple University For The Kids — to be their advocate to communicate what Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and specifically the Child Life Program has done for them and will continue to do for every child that passed through it’s door.” States Megan Schmitt, Senior Director of External Affairs. “There’s truly nothing better than working towards a cause that just allows kids to just be kids, and feel comfortable within a hospital despite what they may be going through.”

Last year, HootaThon had a goal to raise $215,000, and ended up raising $280,620.76. This year, the organization has a goal of $400,000 in honor of this being the fourth year of the organization. The theme for HootaThon 2017 is “4 Miracles, 4 Childhood, 4 The Kids!”

“HootaThon is an awesome opportunity to get involved with something that benefits millions of kids every year. We raise funds and awareness for the Child Life Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which benefits every kid that walks through CHOP’s doors.” Brian Cupitt, Executive Director.

You too can sign up for HootaThon and make a difference! Go to hootathon.org and click ‘register now’ to get involved.  “Early bird registration which costs $15 dollars, ends November 4th and final registration, $20, officially closes November 18th.” Explains Cuppitt on registration. “Join our fight for Child Life For The Kids today!

The official Dance Marathon event is scheduled for February 11th, 2017.

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