How COVID-19 is Affecting a New Mom

Bringing new life into the world can be one of life’s many joyful experiences for moms, couples or families. This is even more special when it’s a first born child. But for women who gave birth recently or women currently expecting, the past few weeks have made the new mom experience a very stressful one.

23-year-old Odette Tshikusay was eight and a half months pregnant when she left her partner in South Dakota and move to Philadelphia so that her mother could help her with the pregnancy.

Odette welcomed her first child five weeks ago at Jefferson University Hospital. After holding her baby in her arms for the first time she said, “it was magic, I never knew I had this much love for him.”

Recently, Odette has been worried a lot about her son’s health because of the virus. What worries her the most is that, if she was to get the virus, she would have self-isolate and be away from her new baby.

Over the past few weeks, many hospitals have banned, spouses, partners, families or any guests from delivery rooms. After hearing this Odette said, “I feel blessed that I gave birth before this ban was issued. And I feel blessed to have had my mom and best friend in the room at the time. Giving birth is a terrifying feeling, no woman should go through it without someone holding their hand.”

More than 300, 000 people have signed a petition against the ban, asking officials to change this rule.

Doctors says, babies can get the Coronavirus just like everyone else, but there have not be a lot of studies conducted on this issue. This makes Odette more anxious as her son’s appointment necessary vaccinations, was postponed.

As things continue to change day after day, Odette prays that this terrible period ends soon so that she can worry more about putting her baby to sleep, and not thinking his sick every time he cries.

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