200+ Temple Students Still Living On-Campus

While classes have been moved online and students have been urged to leave campus, many still remain.

Whether it be from housing changes, travel restrictions or fear of the possible contamination of a family member, Temple is still housing over 200 students.

“My mother has health issues,” Marissa Emerson said, “… I can’t risk getting my mom sick.”

Students who cannot make arrangements to go home are now staying in Morgan Hall South. With over 200 students in one building you may think that there is a possibility of contamination, but Senior Ava Sullivan says that is not the case.

“I see maybe one person a week on this floor in passing” she said.

With some students are being quarantined together, some small groups of friends are still able to spend time with one another.

“People who are quarantined here, if you have a friend we kinda have been able to be quarantined together.” Ava Sullivan said. “We’re pretty lucky in that we are still able to see some friends.”

Outside of face-to-face interaction, Temple University is offering remote “hang out” options such as a virtual coloring party and a school-wide Fortnite Tournament.

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