IBC Gym Closes for Summer

Friday, May 3rd will be the last day Temple students will be able to access the Independence Blue Cross Recreation Center, also known as the IBC  gym before renovations start this summer.

Built 21 years ago, the IBC will reopen in the fall semester, and the gym is expected to look a lot more up to date than it currently does.

“We’ll have a bunch of new cardio equipment up on the second floor.” said the Assistant Director of Fitness, Anthony Alongi. “We’ll have a mixture of strength pieces on the first floor. it’s going to keep kind of the same, similar vibe but just brand new equipment which is absolutely needed.”  

The IBC is even looking to do renovations on lockers.

The Campus Recreation Office combined feedback from students, faculty and staff to decide on the new design of IBC. However, not everyone is too excited about the summer closure.

Nyjilah Webb, a junior criminal justice junior says she was depending on the IBC this summer because it was the closest gym to her apartment.

“I love that it has two floors, and a lot more equipment than TUF.” said Webb. “I don’t really go there because I don’t feel like it has enough opportunity for me I guess.”

Administrators say the price of the redesign has not been confirmed yet, nor has the official floor plan. however, the redesign will impact summer workout routines, but the sacrifice won’t last for long it will reopen in August.

Temple’s repeated renovations have added a lot of construction to the institution, yet administrators like Anthony believe the investment in the accessibility and appearance will  result in stronger students.

“Students have a feeling of ‘this is what I strive to do, I want to be a part of something that is big and changing and ever growing. that’s going to replicate what my future will look like, hopefully.” Alongi said.

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