Temple Surplus Opens Its Warehouse

Among an assortment of oddball pieces and used furniture items, students, faculty, and community members had their first ever chance to buy straight from Temple Surplus’ warehouse Friday afternoon.

Normally, sales occur almost entirely online, which can leave certain customers feeling spurned when they see their purchases in person, but the chance to buy direct “in store” provided clients with a unique opportunity.

Temple Alumni Sandy Vogel had bought items from Temple Surplus before, but was pleased with the decision to open the warehouse to the public, stating “I definitely took a chance when I purchased the couch two years ago. I was like, it looks purple and looks clean lets do it. It’s ten bucks, what’s the worst that could happen. But here, it’s really nice to sit in things or look around or really imagine how they might look in your own home.”

Friday’s event follows Temple Surplus’ switch to a more sales focused model two years ago. Program Manager for Temple Surplus, Katherine Switala Elmhurst, felt the switch allowed Temple University to keep old furniture out of landfills while supplying Temple with a valuable source of income.


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