One Perspective on the Border


Set way back in the desert of Arizona sits Monument Valley, which is on Navajo Territory.

Navajo families are spread throughout the area, often residing only miles from the border of Arizona and Mexico.

These areas are directly in the path of the proposed border wall, a fact that could cause problems for many indigenous peoples in the Southwest.

Speaking to Temple Update, Derick Holiday, a member of the Navajo community, shared his thoughts on America’s land,

“…this land, America, that we live on is supposed to be about diversity and about all people and creeds having the same dreams and ideas.”

Holiday also reiterated the Navajo belief that there is no land ownership between nations or people.

“Even with the land there’s no concept of land ownership…if you use that philosophy maybe things will be a little bit better.”

Holiday then concluded that it’s not only important to respect the land and animals around you but to respect everything including the people around you.

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