Impacts of Coronavirus on Temple Seniors

As the growth of the coronavirus upends college life, graduating seniors are facing the premature ending of the college journey and also the unforeseeable effects of the pandemic.

Two weeks ago, Temple University canceled all campus events and moved classes online.

On Monday, Temple decided to join the growing list of colleges that are canceling or postponing graduation ceremonies.

Temple will no longer hold the commencement ceremony on May 7, and is seeking alternatives.

While senior students are disheartened by the non-traditional end of their college careers, they understand the necessity of social distancing.

“It is unfortunate that we don’t get to have the full senior experience, like hanging out with our friends and walking graduation,” Senior Wesley Richardson says. “But with the current situation, it is understandable because I personally have at-risk family members. So it is safer for everyone to stay home.”

Graduating seniors also struggle with the uncertainty of finding post-graduation jobs.

Senior Abigail Turrisi explains she is scared by the risks of many job industries. She is passionate about event planning which is currently at a standstill.

“To be graduating essentially into a recession…is something that I never anticipated for myself…this is something that all seniors are facing,” Turrisi reveals. “I’m very afraid of the prospect of the job hunt.”


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