International Students at Temple University

There are nearly 2000 international students from more than 110 countries that attend Temple University every year.

There are language barriers, students can get homesick, and sometimes it’s difficult to adapt to new cultures. Temple University tries to make it a little easier for students to adapt.

“My office is responsible for issuing the documents that allow students to get a Visa and come here to study in a student status. Once they are here we assist them with anything that they need,” said Joan McGinley, Interim Director of International Student and Scholar Services.

International Student and Scholar Services devote themselves to provide an array of services for all international students.

“I was very shy like most international students before I came to Temple. Over the few years of studying, I gained a lot of professional knowledge and developed my leadership,” said Xiqing Xu, an international student and teaching assistant in the finance department. “Temple University has a lot of friendly professors. And also the students are really welcoming and nice enough to help others… And that was also the reason why I became a TA; because I want to help other students as well.”

This semester, Xu acts as Vice President of Ascend, a student professional organization through the Fox School of Business.

“Temple has so many organizations like Ascend that welcome international students and offer additional help. Ascend had international student workshops to help students to explore their future careers after graduation,” said Xu.

To make an appointment with International Student and Scholar Services, students can go to to schedule an appointment at their office, located at 1415 N Broad Street. Walk ins are also accepted.

For more information about Ascend, contact Brandon Luu at

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