Joe Biden Comes to Philadelphia for Town Hall with Voters

Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Philadelphia for a town hall, after the cancellation of the second presidential debate.

While Biden is here in Philadelphia, President Trump is holding a town hall in Florida at exactly the same time.

With weeks until the election, both candidates are busy on the campaign trail. 

President Trump returned to the campaign trail for the first time since his coronavirus diagnosis, hosting a rally in Florida, while Biden made two stops in Ohio. 

Temple Update was able to speak with Back to Blue PA, a coordinated “Biden for President” campaign. It aims to get young people to the polls. Their message is simple: People need to vote, especially young adults.

“This is your time to have an impact, this election will be swayed by your word and by your effort and by your dedication. So join us in this campaign,” said Zubair Merchant, Youth Vote Director of Back to Blue PA.

The organization wants the next generation to be active in the election and elections to come. They encourage people to check out Biden’s detailed plans and ideas to build America, which can be found here.

The campaign is looking forward to the town hall, as it gives voters a chance to have their questions answered.

“We’re always really excited to have the Vice President here speaking directly to voters, and we’re not going to take a single vote for granted, and so we’re very very excited for this town-hall style format,” said Merchant.

Some Temple students also expressed their excitement about the town hall. Junior Nikhil stride says he is looking forward to hearing what Biden has to say about Philadelphia, after Trump’s remarks about the city.

The town hall will take place at the National Constitution Center, and will air live on ABC at 8 p.m.

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