Temple Students Say Partying Through Pandemic is “Disheartening”


Partying can be a large part of a college experience. 

COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines haven’t stopped some Temple students from partying in their off-campus apartments. 

Jess Caampued, a Temple sophomore, thinks partying during these unprecedented times is unsafe.

“I don’t think it’s right with everything going on right now. I don’t think it’s safe especially with the amount of cases we’ve had so far this year.” She stated.

Since the partial closing of campus, cases have gone down to less than 50, but some students have fears that partying will only make the numbers go back up. 

“I don’t really want the virus spreading, and those are just places where the virus could spread easily.” Sophomore Charlie Wolfe, said. 

While partying can be considered even more reckless than usual because of the pandemic, the Executive Director for Public Safety at Temple says he has seen no increase in the number of parties being held, as opposed to previous semesters. 

“It’s been low in comparison to last Fall or even previous Fall semesters.” Charles Leone said. 

“I think it’s from a level of awareness.” He added. 

Some students say that while the number of parties is down, it is still disappointing to see they are even still occurring in the first place, considering the risk. 

“Students partying is just disheartening.” Senior Kyle Cruz said.

“I actually lost my father to COVID and it just really hurts to see people that do not care about the other’s well being.” 

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