“Joker” Attract Tourists to NYC Stairs

The new “Joker” movie is not only keeping people in their seats, but it’s allowing them to be interactive outside of the movie.

“I saw the Joker movie and so y’know I once I found out that the stairs were just y’know a couple streets up in the Bronx I figured I take the train up and come check it out” Manhattan resident Austin Moeller said.

The steep staircase on Shakespeare Avenue has officially been named “The Joker Stairs” as fans kept coming back for more. People from all over the world have come to take pictures in front of this now iconic staircase.

“I want to take some pictures to share with my friends uh and like to other people I have been here before” Ivy Jiang, China resident.

Though some Bronx residents are not happy with the attention many believe that this will be a positive change for the community. 

Born and raised in the Bronx, Arlene Arias says that she feels “excited” that people are coming to see the stairs. She believes that will be a positive thing for her neighborhood. 

Fans of the previous adaptations are excited to learn that the Joker movie is the seventh highest grossing movie of 2019 and is continuing to bring in moviegoers with the help of the Joker Stairs.

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