Judge Strikes Down Kane Appeal to Extended Prison Leave

A Montgomery County court announced today that former PA attorney Kathleen Kane’s appeal for an extended prison leave would not be approved.

Following Kane’s appeal for an extension from her sentence to arrange custodial plans for her two sons, Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy ruled that Kane’s request would not be approved.

The former first attorney general of PA was found guilty in 2016 of perjury and obstruction charges and sentenced to 10-23  months in prison, but has since remained free on 75,000 dollars bail.

Kane was accused of leaking government and private information about a political opponent to the media, being arrested after it was revealed that she lied

under questioning.

Judge Demchick-Alloy motioned Tuesday to allow prosecutors to revoke Kane’s bail, later ruling that she was to report to prison at 9 AM on Thursday the 29th.

Kane’s attorney William J. Brennan stated in a letter to the court that “Her ex-husband supports this motion and will provide information through proffer or testimony should the court deem necessary”.

Kane will report to prison tomorrow to carry out her sentence, two years after the initial ruling on the matter.

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