US-China Trade: War or Peace?

The Chinese Students and Scholar Associations (CSSA) and Temple University Department of Political Science sponsored a debate on the US-China Trade War at the Howard Ghittis Student Center  on Thursday, November 15.

One guest speaker included was Derek Scissor, a resident scholar on China’s Economy and U.S.- China Economic Relations at the America Enterprise Institute. He is a Chief Economist at China Beige Book.

Within his perspective of the trade war, he didn’t foresee the possibility of any peace between the two counties anytime soon. He did, however, defend the actions of the current administration.

“No international law overrides U.S. law,” Scissors said. “That’s the reality of U.S. politics. [The agreement] was never ratified by the Senate. The U.S. has the right to change its policy.”

The second guest speaker was Guiguo Wang, President of the Academy of International Strategy and Law Professor of Zhejiang University.

His outlook on the current predicament is one of hope.

He also supported free trade and the belief that the World Trade Organization has played an important international role in its history.

This is something he shared the same views with as Scissor.

Chinese and American leaders, along with the leaders of Canada, Mexico, the European Union, and several other nations, will meet at the Peace summit this upcoming Friday and Saturday to discuss their economic interests.

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