Justice Kennedy Receives Liberty Medal

History was made in Old City Philadelphia this weekend as a former Supreme Court justice walked away with a new honor in hand.

Temple Update was at the 2019 Annual Liberty Medal Ceremony at the National Constitution Center on Sunday evening.

The crowd applauded for retired United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy when he received the award.

He accepted it, saying, “This evening will give us new dedication, new energy, and new dynamism as we move forward in this magnificent world that so needs the constitution and the values that it embodies.”

And that’s what the night was all about – honoring Kennedy for his efforts to educate Americans about the Constitution.

A good friend and former colleague joined him on stage to help do just that.

Justice Neil Gorsuch gave Kennedy the medal and also shared what he thought made his old boss so worthy of such an honor:

“His enthusiasm, his attention to detail, his interest in entertaining different views, and his willingness to change his mind: Those were infectious,” Gorsuch said.

Kennedy closed out his acceptance speech emphasizing the importance of our civility in our daily lives.

He said, “We have a duty to show by our civic discourse that we can be rational, thoughtful, tolerant, decent, kind people.”

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