Kamala Harris Makes History as First Woman VP, Inspires Next Generation

From the courthouse to the White House, Kamala Harris is breaking down barriers. She is the first woman and woman of color to be Vice President-Elect. 

For countless women and girls, her historic win represents hope. They can turn on the tv and see that their vice president looks just like them.

One mother, Leah Long, is excited that her daughter Layana is witnessing history.

“I mean it was kind of unbelievable, but just amazing…I tried to point out to her that ‘she looks like you!’ and she would go ‘yay!’, but to have her with me was truly a great experience,” Long said.

Long says Layana was with her at the polls on Election Day, as well as when the news broke that Harris was projected to be Vice President-elect. She says that having a voice in this election was a great feeling.

In her victory speech Saturday, Harris assured that this is only the beginning.

“While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last,” said the VP-elect.

Harris is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first black greek sorority which was founded at Howard University.

Fellow member Ruqaiyah Lash says she is an inspiration.

“I think it’s amazing and it’s beautiful to have somebody in an organization like this with so many women around the world, who can attest to the things she has attested to, and that she went to an HBCU so I’m super proud, I’m super excited,” said Lash.

Members of the Philadelphia Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter met at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Sunday to celebrate the Biden-Harris win. But, regardless of sisterhood, the vice president-elect has opened doors for women, for generations to come.

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