President-Elect Biden Begins Transition Work, President Trump Continues to Challenge Election Results

Just two days after the announcement of Joe Biden as President-elect, Biden and his team quickly began working on plans for his transition to the presidency beginning on January 20, 2020.

The President-elect began in Wilmington, DE touching on the importance of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic as a record number of cases arise each day making the death toll in the United States just over 240,000.

“Developing clear and detailed guidance, providing the necessary resources for small businesses, schools, child care centers, to reopen and operate safely and effectively during the pandemic,” Biden said.

Biden spoke again the next day, this time in response to Republican lawmakers’ challenge on the Affordable Care Act, a well-known initiative created under the Obama-Biden Administration.

Biden wanted the people to view this as not a simple tactic, but a crucial decision in the lives of people in unfathomable times.

“This arguing will determine whether healthcare coverage of more than 20 million Americans who acquired it under the affordable care act will be ripped away in the middle of the nation’s worst pandemic in a century,” the President-elect said.

Amidst the President-elect making plans for his upcoming term, President Donald Trump has refused to concede claiming election fraud and a demand for a recount of votes.

Temple University Law professor Craig Green says the president’s refusal to accept the current election results is delaying the future plans of the President-elect. 

He also says the current results are too clear making the probability of a different result slim.

“With the evidence we have it’s impossible to imagine it will make any difference,” Green said.

The recent election results have made many happy but also cautious as they hope changes to certain policies are made. Freshman Sam Schuleman told Temple Update he hopes the President-elect’s promises are kept.

“We have to keep him held accountable, we have to make sure he follows through on his promises,” Schuleman said.

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